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Technical Data Sheets - General Industrial Coatings 

Sorted by Data Sheet Number
Product Description
AMERPRIME CC22/1 2K Polyamide/Epoxy Primer
PSX1015 ENGINEERED SILOXANE 2K acrylic-siloxane coating
PSX1025 ENGINEERED SILOXANE 2K high solids acrylic-siloxane coating
100 PRIMER SURFACER Air Dry Alkyd Primer Surfacer
1030 PROTECTO PRIMER Air Dry Alkyd Primer
104 ENAMEL REDUCER SF Enamel Reducer
106 GUNWASH Blended Thinner
1127 MEK Enamel Reducer for electrostatic spray
140 ESTER THINNER Ester Thinner
146 AUTO THINNER Lacquer Thinner
150 ADHESION PROMOTER Clear Coating Additive
178 HS PRIMER SURFACER 2K Polyurethane Primer
1833 ULTRAETCH Etch Primer
203 EPOXY TIMBER SEALER Seal and densify timber or concrete
238 PRIMACOTE Air Dry Alkyd Primer
238HS AMERCOAT Anti-corrosive High Build Alkyd Primer
254 ENAMEL REDUCER MF Enamel Reducer
262 SPEEDLAC N/C Lacquer
265 FLOGLOS Lacquer Thinner
279 SUPERTHANE 2K Alkyd Polyurethane
295 LUSTALUX Quick Dry Alkyd Enamel
295H HAMMER ADDITIVE Hammer Additive
312 ENAMEL REDUCER MR Reducer Retarder
348 ZINC RICH PRIMER Zinc Rich Epoxy
475 ENAMEL REDUCER MI Enamel Reducer
AMERCOAT 477 Rapid cure surfacing epoxy
AMERCOAT 488 Rapid cure Multi-Purpose epoxy
502 LACQUER THINNER for Lacquer Primers and Finishes
539 SUPAFLO Acrylic Lacquer Thinner for hot conditions
539R RETARDER Acrylic Retarder
544R RETARDER Acrylic Retarder
555 BASECOAT Basecoat for Clear Polurethane
572 AMERTHANE 2K Acrylic Polyurethane
579 CAPRITHANE 2K Acrylic Polyurethane
581 SUPERBAKE Alkyd Baking Enamel
590 AMERCOAT 590 2K Acrylic Polyurethane
595F AMERGLOSS 2K Acrylic Polyurethane spraying enamel
600 ULTRAGLOS Alkyd Air Dry Enamel
600B HARDENER Polyisocyanate Hardener
602 WINTER THINNER Solvent/Driers Blend
AMERCOAT 605 Alkyd Air Dry Enamel
610 FAST DRY ENAMEL Fast Dry Alkyd Enamel
640 AMERCRYL Acrylic Lacquer Finish
640TS PVC THINNER for use with 640 when applied to PVC
654 ETCH THINNER Etch Primer Thinner
675 AMERASE CLEANER Solvent Based Graffiti Remover
684 ENAMEL REDUCER SI Enamel Reducer
690 AMERBUILD 2K High Build Sprayable Surfacing Primer
719 POLYETCH BASE 2K Etch Primer
779 Caprinamel 2K Polyurethane Spraying Enamel
87 ALLSOL Blended Solvent
97 WAX / GREASE REMOVER Blended Solvent
978 2K ISO FREE 2K Acrylic Enamel