Suggested Uses

PPG Amercoat Powder Coatings

Component to be Powder Coated Product Code
Air Conditioning Equipment PE54
Alloy Wheels PE54
Bathroom Fittings (Shower Doors / Tapware) HY53
Bicycle Frames / Fittings PE54
Building Cladding PE54
Cable Ducting HY53
Construction Equipment PE54
Cookware (Stoves / Ovens) PE54
Electrical (Switchgear / Cabinets) HY53
Exterior Grilles & Ducting PE54
Gardening Tools HY53
Heaters / Towel Rails PE54
Indoor Furniture HY53
Industrial Equipment EP53
Lawnmowers PE54
Lighting PE54
Metal Architraves / Doors HY53
Metal Filing Cabinets / Lockers HY53
Metal Stairs & Railings PE54
Motor Vehicle Components PE54
Outdoor Furniture PE54
Outdoor Lighting PE54
Pipelines (Gas / Fuel / Water) EP53
Pipes EP53
Racking / Storage / Shelving HY53
Tanks EP53
Valves EP53
Whiteware (Washing Machine / Fridge / Freezer) HY53
Window & Door Fittings PE54
Window Joinery PE54